Garage doors for home

sectional garage doors for the home

sectional garage doors are the perfect solution for your garage. Made of the highest quality materials, they ensure comfort and safety.

The applied panels with a thickness of 40 mm, filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam and lip seals perfectly adhering to the panel and the substrate, effectively reduce heat loss and reduce noise coming from the outside. The special design of the panel and hinges eliminate the risk of pinching your fingers while closing the gate.

As standard, each gate has a protection against the effects of breaking torsion springs.

Driving high RES 350

The high rail is used wherever the use of the RSC 200 normal rail is not possible due to the too high lintel height. In the RES 350 track, the minimum lintel height for manual control is 350 mm and 400 mm for electric drive.

Product characteristics: shaft and torsion springs mounted on the lintel, in front of the individual horizontal guides.

Low Operation RSC 80

Gates with low operation are used when there is insufficient place for a gate with standard operation. Required height of a header in low operation is only 80 mm in case of manual operation and 150 mm in case of electric drive.

Normal Operation RSC 200

RSC 200 normal operation is a standard and most commonly used type of garage gate operation. Required height of a header is 200 mm in case of manual gate operation and 250 mm in case of gates operated using electric drives.


  1. 01 Thermal panel
  2. 02 Bottom finishing strip
  3. 03 Bottom gasket
  4. 04 Vertical guide
  5. 05 Horizontal guide
  6. 06 External hinge
  7. 06 Roller bottom bracket
  8. 07 Shaft
  9. 08 Spring heads
  10. 09 Springs protection
  11. 10 Shaft connector
  12. 11 Upper finishing strip
  13. 12 Upper gasket
  14. 13 Side console
  15. 14 Springs
  16. 15 Mounting of the upper thermal panel roller
  17. 16 Side hinge
  18. 17 Clamp
  19. 18 Fastening channel section
  20. 19 Suspension
  21. 20 Linear drums
  22. 21 Lock with side bars
  23. 22 Rail electric drive
  24. 23 Electric drive decoupling
  25. 24 Angle
  26. 25 Intermediate rollers