An essential element of a home, the window is available in many different ways. It is therefore important to have a few points of reference in mind before starting to buy a window.


What material for its windows?


You can find windows with PVC, wood or aluminium stiles.

PVC windows are a great classic. Easy to maintain, they are available in many colors. They are resistant and have good insulation. However, they can be refused in certain protected areas. It is therefore important in this case to carry out prior administrative procedures.


Wooden windows are another popular alternative, especially in passive or low-energy houses. These windows require more maintenance, however, as they need to be overhauled every 6 to 8 years. They have the advantage of being highly insulating and easily recyclable.


Aluminum windows are the third most common type of window. They are particularly suitable for large openings. Aluminum is therefore a material of choice for sliding bays and large windows. It offers very thin stiles, which allows you to maximize the glass surface and let more light into the dwelling. Aluminum windows have the advantage of being particularly aesthetic and available in many colors. They also require little maintenance.


Nowadays, some combination windows make it possible to combine several materials and thus combine the aesthetic and functional advantages of different materials.


Which opening for a window?


Just as there are many different materials for window jambs, there are also different types of openings.

The most classic opening is the French style.

However, it is possible to use a sliding opening. This type of opening naturally saves space.

The fixed frame window is another alternative. It is a fixed window that does not open. It is therefore a glass wall that allows the passage of light.