Roller Shutters OPOTERM

Built-on Roller Shutters OPOTERM

OPOTERM built-on roller shutters system is available in standard and flush-mounted cassette versions

Flush-mounted: This is a system of cassettes mounted on a window frame, with inspection hatch located on the bottom, allows to built-in a roller shutter on the inside of the room and from the outside.

The maximum thickness of a window frame is 103mm.

Standard: This is a system of cassettes mounted on a window frame, with inspection hatch located at the front side of the cassette, without the possibility to build the roller shutter on the side of the room. This solution is recommended for sliding windows with very thick frames and when an easy service access to the roller shutter is required.

The maximum thickness of a window frame is 170 mm.



Special building safety requirements can be met only by using a system of specialised external shutters with an anti-burglary certification.

Ensuring minimum time needed to break through shutters specified in anti-burglary tests is associated with application of a series of design changes in relation to standard solutions confirmed by anti-burglary properties certification of WK2 and RC3.

They cover e.g.:
  • application of extruded aluminium armour
  • application of guides made of reinforced aluminium profiles
  • application of a reinforced finishing strip for RC3M
  • application of a safety package covering an electrical drive with an anti-burglary protection

Thanks to those solutions the anti-burglary shutters provide an actual, confirmed by tests, protection for windows, teller areas, buildings at particular risk etc. Furthermore, despite meeting strict standards of the certificate, the shutters maintain all remaining utility values, such as attenuation of noise from the outside, complete blackout etc.

Additional possibilities:
  • Possibility to paint the cassettes, armour and guides using any RAL colour.
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Header Roller Shutters RKS

RKS Header Roller Shutters System.

RKS header roller shutters system is intended for application in newly built buildings. Due to application of so called hard foamed polystyrene in the construction of the box, RKS roller shutters feature very good thermal insulation.

Header Roller Shutters AS-SYSTEM

AS-SYSTEM Renovation Roller Shutters System

AS-SYSTEM header roller shutters systems is intended for renovated buildings already equipped with so called wooden shutters. The system, also called the renovation system, allows for mounting of a roller shutter inside an existing cassette without destroying an elevation of a building.