PSK sliding doors

Unlimited joy

Sliding doors available in models:


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Peace of mind

Open easily

Do it with confidence and with an open heart

More possibilities to move big things


Swings open and closed smoothly. There is a special trigger in the running rail and a stop buffer integrated in the guiding rail on the locking side, which mutually ensure smooth and gentle opening and closing.

Running and guiding rail

More quietness and stability.

In interaction with the stable running rail, the specially coated guiding rail supports smooth sash motion. With its self-supporting design, running rails up to 200 kg can dispense with a support profile, which also simplifies the assembly.

Quality that you see and grasp.

  • Soundless locking and unlocking free of play with lasting high functional security
  • Ergonomic, modern design with extensive colour range and coordinated hardware covering
  • Large choice of versions ranging to the design with cylinder
  • Perfectly coordinated with the hardware and the sash weight
  • Matching the handles from the turn and tilt range in terms of colour and design

Parallel Tilt and Slide

  • PORTAL PSK 100 comfort
  • PORTAL PSK 130 comfort
  • PORTAL PSK 160 comfort
  • PORTAL PSK 200-Z comfort

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