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VEKA Softline 76 is a window profile system with a depth of 76mm. It is a class A profile of the highest quality.
VEKA Softline 76

Windows Veka Softline 76

Features and Benefits :

  • Name Windows : VEKA SOFTLINE 76
  • Name of the evaluation : Premium +
  • Type of material : Pvc Veka
  • Width : 76 MM
  • number of chambers :  5
  • number of gaskets : 2 AD and 3 MD 
  • Type of wing : Sx 
  • parameter Uw : 0,76W/(m²K)
  • Guarantee period : more than   7 YEARS 


Windows Veka Softline 76 according to the ranking of energy-efficient 3-pane windows with 3 gaskets is the optimal choice, if your customer expects a window with the highest parameters and relatively low price.

Despite its compact thickness, it meets the favored parameters of Uw = 0.82. In addition, you get excellent statics of the A-class profile – made of uPCV without recyclate and equipped with reliable Siegenia Titan fittings.

Windows Veka  Softline 76 PVC Aluminum window system profile

Who we recommend Veka Softline 76 PVC Window System to?

To the companies that can explain to the customer that 76mm depth of installation is a big advantage and to all purchasers who value a very good price without compromising on quality.

What kind of end customer should be interested in Veka 76?

Everyone who can count and who expects the highest energy efficiency at a relatively low cost. Veka 76 is a typical “SMART” solution, in which you buy a top product for affordable price.

If your customers are clever, they will appreciate this solution in your portfolio. Examples?

An investor who builds a house for years – actually, it is hard to make a smarter choice.

Or a developer building an energy-efficient housing estate, who wants a certain quality, proven brand and high thermal ratio, but a fair price.

Windows Veka Softline 76 MD

Windows Veka Softline 76 AD


Windows Veka  Renovation systems – these systems are used in historic buildings that require retaining old wooden frames. This type of installation avoids the risk of damaging the building’s façade. It is perfectly confirmed on the French market, where the fins cover the wall, creating a characteristic strip on the inside and outside of the building. Thanks to the possibility of using a number of frame variants with different covering fins, we are able to create an offer adapted to the functional and aesthetic needs of each customer.

Windows Veka SOFTLINE 82 MM

Features and Benefits :

  • Name Windows:  VEKA SOFTLINE 82 MM
  • Name of the evaluation: Premium +
  • Type of material: Pvc Veka
  • Width : 82 MM
  • number of chambers:  7
  • number of gaskets: 2 AD and 3 MD 
  • Type of wing: Sx 
  • parameter Uw : 0,73W/(m²K)
  • Guarantee period: more than   7 YEARS 
Demand very high performance To ensure that your home is part of a responsible and sustainable approach, VEKA has developed the SOFTLINE 82 design.
Fenêtres SYNEGO

The highest level of thermal insulation makes Veka Softline 82 MD a perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive buildings.


All VEKA window profiles are classified according to PN-EN 12608 norm as the highest Class A. This classification confirms the thickness of the outer wall of the profiles of 3 mm (with a tolerance of 0.2 mm). Class A profiles perfectly protect against heat loss and noise and also increase the stability and durability of windows. According to the studies class A profile corners are 10-20% more resistant to damage.


Excellent thermal insulation performance has been achieved through the use of 7-chambers, 82mm installation depth of profile. Thickness of profile walls is impressive 3mm. Heat transfer coefficient for the profile is rated at 1.0 W / m2 * K, thermal insulation for the whole window can be increased to Uw = 0.85W / m2 * K when the thickest available triple-glazed unit and a triple gasket made of high quality EPDM is used. Veka Softline 82 MD windows can be successfully used in passive buildings.

Triple-glazed windows

Triple-glazed, deep mounted unit provides efficient thermal and sound insulation. Despite high energy-efficiency parameters the lowered frame profile ensures optimum illumination of the room.

Solidity and security

Galvanized steel reinforcements with a thickness of 1.5-3 mm provide excellent stability of the windows and protection against burglary. High quality window hardware and deep mounting of glazing unit ensures that windows are extremely robust and resistant to weather and mechanical damage.

Windows with arches, triangular windows, trapezoids, circles

The Veka system allows the making of windows in unusual shapes. We have experience in the production of windows with arches and triangular, trapezoidal and round windows.





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